C# and the concept of lowering

Yesterday (november 8th 2022) .NET7 was released. Together with this release C# 11 was also released. C# 11 offers a lot of great new features and many of them are realized using lowering. Lowering is a step that the compiler takes to translate C# code into lower level C# code. Are you interested in how this works and how it is used to realize some new C# 11 features? Check out my presentation from the .NET Assemble! below:

Blogs about new C# 11 features

Are you about to start using C# 11 and want to know more about some of it’s great features? Check out the following blogs to learn more about them:

Feedback or questions

Do you have any feedback or questions regarding my .NET Assemble! presentation or one of my blogs? Feel free to contact me!

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